Monday, April 11, 2005

The week that was - 3-3

Well the Yankees have opened up 3-3, beating the Sox by two games to one and going down by the same scoreline in the Orioles series. Every Monday I'll be writing an update concluding the pluses and minuses from the Yanks performances in the previous week, so here goes:


Hideki Matsui. The Japanese slugger has knocked in eight runs with three dingers whilst hitting at an .348 clip. A great start from my early season favourite to win the AL MVP.

Derek Jeter. With an OBP of .552 from the lead off spot, what more can you ask for?

Jason Giambi's eye. I know he's only hitting at .235 but with an OBP of .435, it shows that he can still get on base.


Mariano Rivera. I fully expect him to come back and be stellar but a .400 BA against him is a slight worry, isn't it?

A-Rod. Will he produce the numbers we have all come to expect or is the pressure just too much for this guy?

Bernie. Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, I have bigged you up all off season and you've started off colder than Coors Light. Let's just hope this is your typical slow start.

Any thoughts?

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