Sunday, May 01, 2005

Bernie's struggles in CF

I am posting this just to give Neil a chance to respond, but today's game (still in progress, so Bernie could yet make me look foolish) showed again the folly of the Yankees decision not to structure a deal to acquire Carlos Beltran in the winter.

In the top of the 7th, according to the official scorer, Gregg Zaun hit a sacrifice to center, allowing Eric Hinske to tag up from 3rd and score easily. To score easily, it must have been a sacrifice to deep center, right? Well no, when the commentators on YES struggle to come up with another CF that anyone would even have tagged up on, yet alone score, you know that it wasn't a deep hit. And that play followed a play earlier in the game when Williams was unable to make up the ground to catch another ball hit into CF that you really should expect your CF to catch up with.

In an admittedly small sample, Bernie is hitting .238 / .323 / .310 with 1HR and 8 RBI, and really does appear to decline in front of your eyes. If Bernie is to earn the contract extension he seemed keen on in spring training, or indeed a new contract anywhere, he really does have to start showing that his offense can make up for his continued decline in CF.

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