Monday, May 02, 2005

Oh Bernie...

I love Bernie Williams. All he has done in his career is perform to a high level for the New York Yankees but the start of his 2005 campaign has not been special by any means, in fact it has been well below par.

I defended Bernie to the hilt against the onslaught from Neil who had all the evidence piled up in his corner. I just had hope, but hope seems to be fading away as Bernie Williams is fast becoming a liability to this team. He isn't the only one failing to produce by a long shot but he is the one I defended ferociously over the off season.

He is hitting .236 and whilst being able to catch a ball is about as likely to throw a runner out as I am of shockingly becoming Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or even President of the good old US of A.

If only you could hit Bernie, then we could deal with your awful arm in the field but when your batting average is .130 below that of Niefi Perez, then you might start to wonder if you have a future in the big leagues.

Bernie please prove me wrong.

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