Monday, May 02, 2005

Week 4 brings 2 wins and 4 losses

Well we are now a month into the season and the Yankees are below .500 and below everyone's expectations. Week four was another disappointing week in Yankeeland as they lost two home series, each by the odd game in three. First it was the Angels and then the Blue Jays who left the stadium with more wins than losses.

So we'll start another depressing round-up with the Positives

There is no doubt that A-Rod's week has by far been the highlight for the Yankees. Hitting .429 with 5 shots and 12 RBI's, we'll take that every week. His night against the Angels was awesome, 4/5, 3HR, 10 RBI, thank you very much!

Not much else to smile about but I'll go with Derek Jeter's .407 OBP from the lead-off spot in the past week. His walk rate this year is a serious improvement and has led to him getting better pitches to hit, probably the only Yankee player to be exceeding expectations so far this season.

On to the Negatives

Bernie. What are you doing to me? I defended you so bad but you are stinking. It pains me to say but you are nothing like the player you once were. I discussed it in more detail here

Flash is on this list too as he scuppered Wang's first career Win on Saturday. He is not the player he was last year, could Flash's arm be tired after the immense workload he put in last year?

My pick for MVP Matsui sits on here too as over the past seven days he is hitting .095. Quite simply, not good enough, and it is all these stupid rolling over the baseball groundouts to 1st and 2nd yet again.

Lastly, it pains me again (that is twice I've been pained here so far) to name Jorge Posada as the last negative. He will turn it around I am sure but he just doesn't look comfortable at the plate at the moment.

So there we have it. I have to admit I forgot about Wang's excellent performance and really should've put it in the positives but I'd already written out the two for the week. So Wang'll get a footnote for an excellent outing despite not striking out a batter in the spot vacated by Wright's trip to the DL.

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