Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Three Losses on the bounce

Well after winning near enough every night for three weeks the tide has turned against the Yanks. A shocking outing by Pavano was followed by a below par game by Mussina and last night Brown was unlucky as again he got beaten by ground balls that made their way out of the infield.

I knew we would lose last night as over here in the UK there is an old adage that you will win your first game with a new manager. Last season my football team, Portsmouth, had two new managers in the season and won both games (away to Bolton and at home to Charlton) in games that we weren't expected to win. I remember I was in Lincoln with this stunning girl the day of the Bolton game and I got a goal update just as she was trying on these sexy PVC knee-highs and she wondered why I was so happy, and it was due mostly to the text rather than the boots, sport has a lot to answer for.

Anyway I digress.

So the Royals had a manager who had been announced just a few hours earlier and he led them to victory. Not a lot came out of it for the Yanks, Matsui finally went deep again for the first time in nigh on 200 At Bats and Tanyon Sturtze again looked sharp, I suppose Bernie's 2/3 night with two doubles and a walk was a positive as well.

These games are going to kill me as they don't start until 1:10 AM and therefore I am still up and about at 4 in the morning and I'm getting up around 10 or so. You Americans do not realise how lucky you are at times!

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At 10:40 am, Blogger Iain said...

Joy over Portsmouth rather than the stunning girl in the sexy knee-high PVC boots??!! Sport does indeed have a lot to answer for ;-)


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