Monday, May 30, 2005

Game 49 at Yankee Stadium

Well Game 49 certainly had a better outcome than Game 2.

A friend came through with tickets for ESPN's Game of the Week (and for any UK readers, did ESPN show the English flag fluttering from the top deck awning for a few innings last night? Sadly I wasn't able to see what was written on it before security took the flag away) and my lucky hat - current record 5-0 - came through with the necessary 'dust'!

After Saturday's one-sided affair, the Red Sox started very positively, with Edgar Renteria continuing his climb to more normal levels of production, and Ortiz hitting an absolute bomb to the upper deck in right field. However, Wells, wearing #16 rather than #3 (and what is with players selling numbers to each other? don't these guys make enough already?) gave the lead up straight away with line drive HR's to Jeter and Sheffield. From then on, it really was all Sox - Wells pitched well enough - helped by a very aggressive approach by the Yankees, while the Sox bats continued their record setting ways - Ortiz's second HR of the night was another enormous hit, this time to straight away center field.

I guess the only minor disappointing part of the night was Francona lifting Wells in the 9th. Wells had been very effective after the first inning, and I guess he would have welcomed the opportunity to pitch a complete game at his old home after his performance in the opening day game - but after allowing a hit to Sheffield in the 9th, he was lifted for Foulke, and received further evidence that Yankee fans don't retain a deep well of love for him from his pinstripe days.

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