Friday, July 15, 2005


To win at anything in life you need bottle. Last night the Yankees showed an awful lot of bottle as they came back from behind to beat the Red Sox in the first of four games at Fenway. A two-run shot from A-Rod off Sox closer Curt Schilling opened the door and Mariano Rivera struck out the side including David Ortiz swinging for the final out.

The Sox had stung the Moose for four runs before the Yankees came out for their second set of three outs but the Yanks would keep battling away. Giambi wrapped one around the Pesky Pole although Nixon had a shot at it but a fan got in the way. Bernie then hit a good curveball and tried to hit the guy on the head as it fell within six feet of him and Sheffield would also hit a lazer HR just to the right of Johnny Damon in CF.

With Tim Redding going tonight the Yanks needed to keep a couple of fresh arms in the bp, and after a horrible 1st inning you worried but Moose battled through and Proctor and Franklin saw no action and could put together 3/4 innings tonight if needs be.

Does A-Rod's dinger mean that stupid fans will stop saying that he isn't clutch? It was an important come from behind victory against the top team in the AL East and it was a legitimate hit and is atleast an RBI in any ballpark.

With that Hampshire are 279/7 chasing 358 and need 80 off 70 balls, who has a clue what I'm going on about?

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