Saturday, July 16, 2005

Did we play last night?

The Sox beat up on the Yankees reserves last night cue a very happy Mr Hay. The fact that Tim Redding and Darrell May are New York Yankees is bad enough, the fact that they are allowed to play is tantamount to grand theft auto.

I chose to sleep instead of watching the game last night as I knew it was a Red Sox victory, upon waking up and being confronted with a 17-1 scoreline, the first thing I did was to check Ortiz's numbers (as he's my fantasy 1B) and then saw Neil H had kept Trot Nixon rooted to the bench and missed out on his inside the park HR.

Thank heavens for small mercies.

Today Randy hooks up with Matt Clement in what, on paper, is the best matchup of the series. I shall be off into London to watch the game with the owner of the interesting new Spurious Baseball blog. Cue arguments about Roger Clemens. Al Leiter looks set to go on Sunday as the Yankees will trade for him today in exchange for a low level prospect PTBNL.

17-1 eh?

Still it could've been worse, I could've stayed up to watch it!

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