Monday, July 25, 2005

Potential Trades

Well a week to go.

The Sox have made a number of additions in the last ten days or so, with a couple of important additions by subtraction as well - both Jay Payton and Alan Embree going via the DFA route.

So far, the additions to the roster have been mostly minor, but still capable of making the roster more balanced - Alex Cora provides IF flexibility and apparent defensive excellence; Tony Graffanino provides some bat at 2B while Bellhorn is on the DL (and perhaps longer); Gabe Kapler provides some corner outfield cover and proves that the (Japanese) grass isn't greener; Chad Bradford provides much needed help in the bullpen; while Adam Hyzdu provides... well...

Given that the Sox continue to scuttle along at a .500 clip - aside from those 2 weeks after Theo's 'is that really how well we can pitch' speech in Chicago, that is essentially what these Sox are (sound familiar?) - the feeling grows that the Sox will be adding to the roster from outside the Sox extended organization.

Among the various sports news sites and blogs that I roam on a daily basis you can find the Sox linked with all of the following - JC Romero, AJ Burnett, Mike Lowell, Alfonso Soriano, Jason Schmidt, Eddie Guardado, Danys Baez, Billy Wagner, Tom Glavine, Mike Wise, Miguel Batista, Ricky Bottalico, Mike Sweeney and Adam Dunn - given these have all been mentioned, I wouldn't mind a reasonable wager that none of them are in red Sox this time next week.

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