Monday, July 18, 2005

Three from Four - Deal

The Yankees behind a nice outing from Al Leiter took the series from the Sox last night in a good game in Fenway. Home Runs by Jorge and monster shots by Sheffield and A-Rod had the Yankees in a great position going into the ninth before the panic set in.

After a lead off round tripper to Manny, Flash walked the next guy and in came Mo. The best closer in baseball got the double play grounder to second, only to see Robinson Cano throw it away into CF. Great. A hard hit RBI single and a bloop meant that the Sox had bases loaded nobody out and were just two behind. Alex Cora hit a sharp grounder to third, A-Rod came home and got the runner on the force, Jorge fired to first, double play! Yes, I know Cora was safe but so was Giambi in an earlier albeit less important spot. Damon would ground out and the Yanks would win.

It was a massive win for the Yankees, behind the arm of Leiter, which did look impressive despite his struggles with the Marlins, the Yankees were able to grind out a win against Tim Wakefield, a guy they usually can't hit for toffee. The Bombers go into Texas and Anaheim on a high and if they can keep up this momentum of clutch hitter and showing some real drive then maybe, just maybe, this team may be playing ball come October.

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