Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Always blog happy

Well at 9.30pm, it looked like the lead was down to 2.5 games, with the Sox managing only 2 hits and 2 runs over 8 innings, and only 90 pitches, from Nate Robertson, while down in Tampa, Mo was getting warmed up to save a 3-2 victory for the Yankees.

Well 2 solo shots later, and both teams were heading for extra innings.

The Sox bats came alive in the 10th - and you would have to think that the Detroit press, and Detroit bloggers, are going to use a lot of words second guessing Trammell's decision to take Robertson out after 8IP. I am a great believer in a pitcher who clearly isn't toast getting the chance to finish off his game - if the manager is nervous about the situation, then get the closer warmed up, and let the starter know that he only has one out to play with - one man on, the closer comes in. As a starter, there can be no worse feeling than coming out of the game in that situation and watching a ball leave the park to spoil your night's work.

As the Sox were piling up runs, I was having an IM chat with a Yankee friend that included the line - "how many runs do the Sox need to make this safe to bring in Schill?" - I am the nice forgiving type you see. Thankfully we didn't have a "how many runs do the Sox need to make this safe to bring in Remlinger?" conversation - as the Sox had only scored 2 runs at the time of the conversation, I doubt I would have suggested 5+.

So having completed the Sox innings, it was over to YES to watch the climax of the Yankee game. Neil M can respond with whether Yankee fans should be mildly concerned about Mo's week long struggle - I guess my own view is that it would be nice if there is something wrong, but I am just putting it down to one of those weeks that were inevitable given how incredible Mo's run has been since the first week of April. Alan Embree continues to help the Sox more in pinstripes than he did in red hose this year, but having gotten enough practice at throwing balls in walking Perez and Huff, Scott Proctor proceeding to bring in the winning run on an awful, awful pitch... and 30 minutes later... back to 4.5 games.

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