Tuesday, September 20, 2005

And we are tied up...

...in the loss column!

The Sox lose thanks to a huge error by Renteria in the 8th allowing the 8th run to score. Ortiz would Homer in the 9th but you can't score two runs with no-one on base. Manny would swing and miss at a high splitter to end the game and make my night.

It is 3:50 in the morning here and I'm going to bed (but I have the Redskins and Cowboys on). I live in the UK and have US sport on left, right and centre, its just not normal!

2 threw a strike:

At 9:38 am, Blogger Iain said...

It was an ugly error by Renteria, but pinning the loss on him is kind of splitting hairs when your starting pitcher gives up 4 runs on 1O hits in 2.2 innings.

At 2:43 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

True but consider I was watching the Yanks and then turned over to see E6gar making that error allowing the Craw to score. Wells gets the blame but it just added to my Renteria is overrated claims :p


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