Monday, September 19, 2005

Another 2... losses

Well one in the Yankee loss column is as good as a win in the magic number reduction stakes - though for some reason I don't think it very 'magic' when that number is 13... with 13 games to go.

The Sox and Yanks both lost - in very different ways, and in ways that might yet have playoff implications. The Yankees lost their first game of the road trip, with both Wright and Giambi leaving the game with injuries. The loss of Giambi would surely be more significant - his contributions have certainly made him the Yankees post All Star break MVP - and there are those out there making arguments that he should be considered for the MVP award. Equally there are those out there making statements to suggest that Giambi is back on the juice - sadly, this is Giambi's burden to carry for the rest of his career.

The Sox lost in a blow out - Clement's last two outings have been interesting - 6 runs conceded to the Jays, and 7 today in just 1.1 innings to the Athletics. The Sox really need him to step up in the next two weeks, two starts, one against the Orioles and one against the Jays, and as with every game in the next two weeks, these starts are critical. The pluses from today - 2 scoreless innings from Keith Foulke (and two absolutely clean innings, on the back of his best bullpen session of the year... is there hope for Keith?), and some unscheduled time off for a large number of the 'first' nine. Here is a question for you - if you are one of the starting nine in a game like today, where Terry is pinch hitting for Ortiz with Kelly Shoppach... and you are still in the game... what do you think?

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