Thursday, October 06, 2005

Damn you A-Rod

I can forgive A-Rod for the error in the 6th, it was an easy play but we all make silly errors in life and switch off, that is what he did and I don't want to chastise him for that, but...

He came up in the top of the 7th and earned a walk, the whole world and even Martians knew that he was still annoyed at himself for making that error and was going to run. Sadly for Yankee fans is that the Angels are part of the world and therefore also knew. Escobar kept him close and gave him a lot of attention meaning he never got a decent jump. On a 1-2 pitch the Angels pitched out and guessed right and as Neil H put it 'out by a mile'.

Why he went is anybodies guess but it was an incredibly dumb play. You have the heart of the Yankee order up, Giambi is a big pull hitter so by holding A-Rod on at 1st, he had a bigger hole to try and hit into. Even then Sheffield and Matsui were next and they could drive him home, instead he chose to kill any momentum the Yankees had (and boy did they to get some) and got thrown out by feet instead of inches.

A-Rod may be the best player in baseball but he sure as hell isn't the smartest.

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