Thursday, October 06, 2005

It's E-Split

So it is down to a short two from three series. The Yankees probably should've won last night but it wasn't to be. When Chone Figgins striped Matsui of a clean RBI double down the left field line at 2-0 in the top of the 5th, I felt the momentum had swung and the game was done, I was right.

Wang was masterful but shoddy defense behind him hurt as the Yankees meekly surrendered the 2-0 lead and went into the 9th 5-2 down. Why Al Leiter was ever left in to face Vlad I'll never know, but even more shocking was the fact he retired the slugger. As Neil H pointed out in the last update, I was calling for time zones to be annulled as I was so tired I had to kip before the Yankee game and therefore missed the ChiSox and BoSox. I had planned to have a sleep earlier but it was the final of The Apprentice over here and I saw Kerry Perdue whop Jennifer Massay's butt.

I shall do a separate blog update on A-Rod in a bit but all in all I suppose a split on the road isn't too bad. Randy goes on Saturday night and you'd like to think the Yanks have the advantage anytime he takes the mound, and if he wins we just have to take a split from the final two games and we'll progress.

As for the BoSox, Neil H said Graff's error was terrible, I saw it just now and it really was shocking. They are in trouble but it still wouldn't totally shock me to see it return to US Cell, the problem for the BoSox is that if it does, Matt Clement will go against Jose Contreras and I really like the ChiSox in that match-up.

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