Thursday, October 06, 2005

Your fiscally responsible New York Yankees

It really is galling to hear Joe Morgan wax lyrical about the fiscal restraint of the New York Yankees.

I am watching the Angels / Yankees Game 2 - the start time of 10pm ET, 3am GMT, had Neil M railing against all time zones left of London - and as the Yankees pitched in the bottom of the 5th, Joe was genuinely praising Brian Cashman for not spending much more money when the Yankees encountered pitching problems in mid season... if I was speaking rather than typing, I would be genuinely speechless.

Well heck Joe, they had already spent $65m more than the next team and you want to praise their fiscal restraint... you are kidding right? But then his next sentence (repeated more than once) revealed all - he commented on the Yanks $200,000 payroll - and you have to agree, that in pulling together this all time All-Star team, Cashman has done remarkable things getting the whole team to play for less than one major league minimum salary.

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