Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fly the flag!

Well for the Yankees, game 161 was the last one that mattered in the regular season, the next one will be in the Bronx against LAA on Tuesday or Wednesday.

A 8-4 win coupled with the ChiSox beating the Indians 4-3 in Jacobs Field gives the Yankees the division and the #2 seed going into October baseball. Three runs in the first gave the Yanks an early lead but in the bottom of the inning Randy decided to try and sneak an 0-2 fastball past Manny on the inside corner, big mistake as the ball wouldn't come back.

Good small ball by the Yanks scored two in the 2nd on two sac flies but in the bottom of the inning Randy and Gary Darling would disagree...a lot. The ump squeezed the Yankees left hander big time but he would get out of it by getting Renteria to strike out swinging.

Solo shots by Matsui and A-Rod eeked out more of a lead but Tony Graffanino and Manny (off Flash in the 8th) would also hit solo shots. Enter the Sandman who allowed a lead-off single but nothing else as the Yankees locked down the East after the Indians had lost around ten minutes before hand.

The Yankees celebrated on the field as they won their eighth straight AL East division title, much to the surprise of many a person after that 11-19 start. The Yankees have played .842 baseball over the last 19 games just when they needed to get hot, I just hope that they can carry the momentum deep into the fall.

New York Yankees - AL East Champs - 1998 - 2005 (and beyond?)

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