Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Show me the cash, man!

Is that possibly the worst pun for a headline I've written? Quite possibly...

Anyway, the crux of the issue is that according to a Newsday report the New York Yankees and Brian Cashman have agreed on a 3yr/$5.5m contract for the GM to return to the Bronx. This deal would make him the highest paid GM in the Major Leagues and would surprise me as I thought that Cash was ready to walk out on the Yankees, but somehow both he and Joe Torre are returning to work under The Boss, much to my shock.

To go along with Cashman, coming back is Lee Mazzilli who'll serve as bench coach, Ron Guidry who'll become the new pitching coach, Sojo moves over to first whilst his space at third will be taken by Larry Bowa. Larry Bowa? This appointment scares me, it really does, just how Anti-Torre could a guy be? Fiery and in your face, I just don't know what to think.

With the GM question seemingly sorted, the Yankees can push on and start on their winter plan. The big problem is in CF and with a thin FA crop it looks like the new CF will come over in a trade, Torii Hunter has been talked about as has Ken Griffey Junior and Joey Gathright but I'd like to see what the Blue Jays would want for Vernon Wells. We know Robinson Cano will be sought after leaving a hole at second base but as Neil H said to me the other night, Texas want shot of Soriano, do we want him back?

BJ Ryan is clearly a guy most Yankee fans just expect to sign but away from him we are in the dark, this could be a very interesting off season for the Bombers and both Jorge Posada and Gary Sheffield do not have no trade clauses...

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