Saturday, October 08, 2005

What is that smell? Oh it's Randy...

As we were told many a time before this pivotal game three, this is why George moved heaven and earth to bring Randy Johnson to the starting rotation. Instead of being lights out though, the lights were never switched on as Randy had nothing. I thought this guy was a sure fire first round Hall of Famer (I know he still is) but this guy has given up home run after home run and again the long ball was his Achilles heel.

In a 5-0 hole and with runners on the corners, Joe strolled out a yanked the 42 year-old and he got the ovation he deserved. It was quite simply pathetic but Aaron Small would wriggle out the jam and then the Yanks would battle back and even take the lead.

Small though couldn't be superman for too long and after a perfect fifth, he would give up the tying run in the sixth. Flash came in early and was disappointing loading the bases with nobody out, but that did include a surprising call by 2B umpire Joe West who called a runner safe on a force play, which really should at worse of been a neighbourhood call and out.

I went to bed at 11-6 considering just how late it was over here and I see we pulled one back but that was that. The story was how much our ace sucked and didn't live up to his billing. The Angels were hitting everything he threw and they can eliminate the Yankees tonight when Jarrod Washburn takes the hill against Shawn Chacon.

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At 8:59 pm, Anonymous Yanks fan said...

Bad prediciton you made after the season ending game.The wrong color sox won.


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