Monday, October 17, 2005

NLCS Game 3

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Well I was lucky enough to be in Houston for the last few days, and managed to score tickets for yesterday's game. The Astros won behind a gutsy performance from Clemens, and an interesting performance from "Light's Out" Lidge - who really couldn't have been less lights out.

The Astros chose to keep the roof closed at Minute Maid to enhance the atmosphere, and it really was the loudest stadium I have experienced, though the rally rags were a bit off putting (and of fantastic quality - the guy in front of me ripped his in two celebrating Mike Lamb's HR) - and someone needs to explain to me how the Astros needed "Rally Time", complete with fans putting on rally caps, when they were two runs ahead in the bottom of the 8th... unless it was pep-rally time... with pep-rally hats...?

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