Saturday, October 08, 2005


Well now we know how Angel fans felt in 2004 - and it really isn't good.

It is difficult to be overly analytical at this stage - we have just been eliminated, and it sucks. When I was looking forward to this series I made the point that if the Red Sox pitching staff held the White Sox to 3 - 4 runs a game, we would prevail - well the White Sox were never held to that tally, and 3 losses later...

But this series hasn't just been about our pitching - our hitting went off slightly in mid September and never really got going consistently again. When your pitching staff isn't that strong, you need your hitters to give them occasional relief, and we never had that at any point in this series - the most runs the Red Sox put together in any of the 3 games was... 2... with the bases loaded and no outs tonight, not one single runner moved after the bases were loaded - pop up, pop up, strike swinging - that is not un-typical of what we have witnessed over the last month.

Anyway - I will look at what I think went wrong with this team over the next couple of weeks - but for tonight lets think of what went well...
  • David Ortiz - a stat line here wouldn't even begin to summarize his staggering season.
  • erm...
  • the beginning of the youth movement - Papelbon, Hansen, Meredith, Delcarmen, Ramirez et al made appearances, and the Sox refused to trade prospects at the trading deadline to shore up the bullpen.
It is incredible to think that a team where so little of the upside appeared, and so much of the downside crystallized, still won 95 games, and lost the AL East in name only.

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At 5:15 pm, Blogger Colin Gray said...

It is all a bit of a sorry end to the season for the Red Sox after last year isn't it?

I really think that they missed Pedro (and Lowe)this post-seaon. All credit to the White Sox, is another long World Series drought going to come to an end this year?

At 11:54 am, Blogger Neil M said...

I think the lack of Starting rotation was a big problem for the BoSox too. As for the ChiSox, they certainly are good enough to go all the way!

At 2:34 am, Blogger Neil H said...

While Pedro pitched very well this year, and would have been a positive, I still think that if the only way to keep him was a 4 year deal, the team made the right decision.

Additionally, despite what McCarver, Buck and Berman spouted at various points (during the season and postseason), the team definitely made the right choice on D-Lowe - he has been his usual frustrating self this year - periods of excellence, periods of absolute awful stuff... within the same at bat!

I really amn't sure about the White Sox - I think they will be the AL Champion if they make a fast start, and they have a clear advantage given that game 1 starts in 22 hours and the opponents are still battling, but I just amn't sure. Some of that is apathy bordering on worse about Guillen, some of it is concern about the lack of depth in that lineup - looking forward to watching it though.


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