Friday, December 02, 2005

One in and...

The New York Yankees didn’t take long to replace Flash Gordon in the bullpen as they inked Kyle Farnsworth to a three year contract worth $17m. The right-handed reliever who gave up just five round-trippers through the regular season last year is best known for him meltdown in Game 4 of the NLDS in Houston, where he gave up the Grand Slam to Lance Berkman in the 8th and the 2 out game tying Home Run in the 9th.

Whilst some my think this leads to the Yankees hiring a choker, I firmly disagree as everyone can have a bad game. I wouldn’t turn down Brad Lidge if he was offered to me even though that shot by Albert Pujols is still rising. Farnsworth’s live arm and devastating slider gives the Yankees a real option in the late innings and I hope he can harness his stuff.

Farnsworth turned down a 3yr/$15m offer from the Braves and also said no to the Rangers 4yr/$21m offer, a deal which would’ve been worth a lot more to him due to the lack of taxes in the state.

Whilst his career ERA is a scarily high 4.45, his arm has always been respected around the leagues and scouts have drooled over it since he entered the bigs. The only thing needed was him to learn the art of pitching and under Leo Mazzone in Atlanta, he did just that.

All in all though, a good move by the Yankees in my eyes.

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At 2:23 am, Blogger Neil H said...

Lets see... pitchers who have pitched well under Mazzone... been awarded a great contract the next year... turned out great last time... how is Mr Wright these days?

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