Saturday, November 26, 2005

What could I buy for $47 million?

Well I could buy,
or apparently,
I appreciate that the Blue Jays have some money to spend, but really - 5 years and $47 million for BJ Ryan (and as has been pointed out elsewhere, check out his player bio and tell me how we came to BJ)?

So Billy Wagner goes for how much these days? I would say I pity the team that is trying to sign Wagner, but given it is the New York 'Kris Benson' Mets that are apparently in the lead... what goes around comes around.

(and remember bid, and bid often... although inclusion on this blog should not be considered an endorsement of the auction, or the item, or anything else - if you want to bid $400,000 for an X-Box 360, you feel free - though you could give the $360,000 here and it all goes to charity, and you would be pretty much guaranteed a fantastic day in the Red Sox operations room as the 2006 trading deadline approaches!)

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