Monday, November 28, 2005

Yankees miss out on record BJ

So the Blue Jays are willing to commit $47m over five years to bring in stud LHP BJ Ryan to close games, not bad work if you can get it. After two pretty good years at Camden Yards, Ryan has been one of the hottest properties in an icy cold FA Hot Stove as teams with money to spend are finding that the players just aren't worth the money they have.

BJ has used this to his advantage to get this contract and good luck to him. My esteemed colleague believes that the contract is ridiculous and as much as I hate to do this, I have to agree with him 100%. How can a player with one years closing experience have more guaranteed money on his contract that arguably the greatest ever, and without doubt the best playing the game today, our very own Mariano Rivera?

I'm certainly not convinced that this guy is going to have that closers mentality and it's certainly interesting that he's chosen to pitch for a team highly unlikely to make the playoffs in the near future. There will not be much pressure on Ryan apart from that $47m millstone around his neck as the Blue Jays are not in the same ballpark as either the Yankees or Red Sox as I sit here typing.

Did he chase the money and not the glory? Does he not believe in his stuff? A playoff calibre team will of come calling but he's chosen to spend the first big contract of his career playing north of the border in front of small crowds where his work will largely go unnoticed by the baseball loving community.

This is not a good move for Ryan as he won't get as many chances as he would at a good club and the exposure for him will be nothing compared to what it could've been. I wanted him setting up for Mo as his stuff is filthy but that price I'll pass and let him enjoy his sabbatical up at The Rogers Centre.

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