Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keep Manny

Some Boston fans have decided that they need to step in and let the club know that they want to keep All-Star slugger Manny Ramirez. Over at you too can add your name to the petition that the owners are putting together to show the Red Sox personnel that the fans want him to stay.

Here are some of Manny's achievements:

Second all-time in grand slams to Lou Gehrig with 21 in his career

Joined Carl Yastrzemski as the only other Red Sox player to have three 40 plus homer seasons

Last season he matched his career best in home runs, hitting one every 12.3 at bats

39th player in MLB history to hit 400 home runs

9-time American League All-Star selection

Currently has a streak of 8 consecutive American League All-Star selections

7-time Silver Slugger Award winner

In 13 seasons, he has a career .314 batting average with 435 HR's and 1414 RBI's in 1678 games

Manny has a career slugging percentage of .599%

I know the Red Sox half of this team isn't overly concerned about Manny and just hopes that the team gets good value for him. Remember this is a player any team could've had if they were willing to pay his contract a couple of years ago when he was placed on waivers. He is a stud but is he worth all the turmoil that seems to follow him about?

If you think he is then add your name to the list, if you don't then don't bother. He is a great hitter but is he worth $18m/yr? I'm not sure but I can see both sides of the story. Maybe the time is right for both him and the club to part ways, they have had a great time together, even won a ring, but the honeymoon period is over, isn't it?

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At 8:51 pm, Blogger Marc C. Santos said...

I must say I think Manny is overpaid, but it is very hard to replace his bat in the lineup: a consistent .300, 35, 140 is hard to come by. He melds patience with power--a lethal and scarce combination.

While I wouldn't be entirely opposed to a trade, we have to either a) get a bat that could hit the three hole or b) free up enough free agent space to sign a replacement (and I don't think anyone qualifies this offseason--so the bat has to come with the trade).


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