Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Crazy Jays at it again

Just days after they offered BJ Ryan silly money to close for the team, the Toronto Blue Jays are at it again as they have reportedly offered $55m over five-years for Free Agent OF Brian Giles.

34 year-old Giles who'll be 35 by opening day is thought to be the premiere OF on the market alongside Johnny Damon. The Yankees have been looking at bringing the OBP machine to the Bronx at somewhere in the 3yr/$33m range but this offer just shows how crazy things are getting in the AL East this off-season.

If this report is accurate then what can any other GM offer? This is a stupid offer if there ever was one, the Jays should not be committing $55m to a player who'll be 40 at the end of the said contract. I know Neil H often points out to me that the Yankees have too many players on silly money (which is probably a pretty fair point) but the Jays would beat out the Yankees with these two deals, they really would.

Giles is good, I like his bat, he has a good glove, but five years? He will put up great numbers for two or possibly three years but the final two years he would be a millstone around the neck a la Bernie in his past couple of years in the Bronx. If they want to throw silly money his way then be my guest, I just wonder if fans will find a way to blame the Yankees for this?

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