Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A-Rod leans towards WBC

The biggest on/off saga in baseball has taken another twist today after Yankees 3b Alex Rodriguez was named on the preliminary 60-man roster for the Dominican Republic for this Spring's World Baseball Classic.

A-Rod had indicated that he wanted to play for the country of his parents but then decided against it as he didn't want either the US or the Dominican to feel that he was snubbing them so he left himself without a country to play for. He has still to commit to either country nor rule himself out completely and whilst I am getting a bit annoyed at his antics, I do actually feel pretty sorry for the lad.

Sometimes he is his own worst enemy but he is making pretty big decisions in the public eye. He wants to be loved by the public, but he knows that in general the public are not big fans of the guy. What we do know is that he is a great player and when all is said and done he may go down as one of the greatest to of ever played the game, he has more money than I'll earn in 100 lifetimes but he doesn't have either of the two things that makes him tick, a WS Ring nor the adulation of the baseball watching public.

I have a big opinion on this, representing either team will not be a snub on the people you love nor the natives of either country. It seems to me that he clearly wants to play and it really does look like he wants to play for the country of his parents and if that is what he wants to do then please A-Rod, do it. Playing for the Dominican is not a snub to your US upbringing, it is more of an honour to your heritage.

Play A-Rod, Play! (For the Dominican)

Tomorrow we'll know for sure.

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