Saturday, March 25, 2006

Oh for the love of...

The season hasn't even started yet and already the Yankees have injury problems that are starting to look problematic. Last year both Carl Pavano and Jaret Wright spent far too long on the DL and they both may start 2006 on it, the Yanks are not getting value for money from them two, not by a long shot.

Two bp members are also set to begin 2006 on the DL, we all knew Octavio Dotel wouldn't be ready for the start of the campaign but losing last years hero Aaron Small is a blow for the Yankee cause.

Now the latest incident sees Jorge Posada struggling to make opening day after his backup catcher hit Posada with a baseball whilst the All-Star catcher wasn't looking. Posada's nose was broken and it has been set back into position and although its highly unlikely he'll need a trip to the DL, he may not be ready to start the season.

This in turn means that the Yanks will have to carry Wil Nieves for the first few days of the season meaning one spot less in the pen. Nieves and Proctor are the two most high profile players who weren't assured of making the 25 man roster who had no options left but the recent spate of injuries seems to give them both one last chance to stick with the big club.

Nieves would probably make it through waivers to be optioned back to AAA but despite Proctor's unpredictability, I suspect someone would claim him because he clearly has a live arm.

Still on the positive side Johnny Damon will return to the field today after suffering from a shoulder condition.

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