Sunday, April 09, 2006

Game 4 at Miller Park

Well my first game of the season was at Miller Park, Milwaukee to see the National League leading Brewers - which was a slightly surreal experience given the number of Red Sox fans in attendance, presumably to watch Boston College in the Frozen Four this weekend.

But the number of Sox fans made it more interesting for the Yankee fan sitting next to me as the row of Red Sox fans behind us spent most of the first 3 innings talking about 2004... I think I have said it before, but sitting in a stadium and watching how the Sox are doing on the out of town scoreboard can be an uncomfortable thing - unless they are racking up runs faster than a basketball team - to the extent that the Milwaukee scoreboard gave up when the Sox started adding more runs in the 8th...

Miller Park is a stunning piece of arhcitecture - the roofline as you approach on the 1-94 is spectacular, and watching a game here is as good as it gets in the new stadiums - seats behind home plate, for the opening week homestand, were still available for purchase a week ago at $38... which was another topic of conversation for the Sox fans behind us. One of the things on sale at the Brewers store are bricks from the old County Stadium - not sure how I would have got on at airport security this morning explaining a brick in my bag? The sausage race is as good as advertised, particularly when the Brat is winning by five yards approaching the finishing line and decides to showboat -superb!

It is nice that the Brewers are doing well - I have a soft spot for them, they were the Sox's opponent in my first Fenway game - particularly without Ben Sheets at the front of their rotation, but it is difficult (sweepeing statements are allowed here right?) to see this team as a contender on last night's evidence. Yesterday was my second trip to Milwaukee and I have yet to see the roof open - so another trip is required to get the true experience.

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