Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For one night only...part deux

For one night only the Yankees couldn't hit their way out of a paper bag, no wait that is most nights these days, oh well. Neil H could not believe I was fast asleep when the first pitch from Schilling was delivered, I can't believe he was shocked I chose to get some kip when I saw a starting outfield in Fenway against our arch-rivals consisted of an unwanted Terrence Long, a washed up Bernie Williams and a rookie Melky Cabrera, I mean honestly, $200 payroll, give me a (expletive) break.

As much as I love Jason Giambi, and trust me boys and girls, I do. The guy is in a slump and seemingly it is he that gets this team going. When he's hot the rest of the team seem to play well but when he's cooler than my bottle of Newcastle Brown Ale that has been sitting in the fridge since I moved here, then the Yankees don't seem to do much.

Schilling looked masterful, a true ace, Wang looked ok, nothing more, nothing less. He wasn't helped by T. Long misplaying balls in the OF although no errors were recorded, but he still was getting hit hard and the natural sink on his sinker wasn't sinking half as much as it has the past couple of outings.

Ortiz and Manny again turned up and saw the Yankee grey and hit the stitching out of the ball, and the bit part players all did what they seemingly do against the Bombers. One thing the Sox have that the Yankees don't is bench players who can come in and do a job. Willie Harris, Alex Cora, Wily Mo Pena against the likes of Miguel Cairo and Kelly Stinnett, boy that's a hard one to call.

However as my colleague has already noted, Sheffield is back and will be activated tonight. I assume he'll DH with Damon returning to CF, it is a plus but the Yankees need to find their groove once again. Jaret Wright goes for the Bombers tonight, and in all honesty he has looked good enough for his past two or three starts so for once I have a slight bit of faith in the right hander, Wakefield goes for the Sox, let's hope that knuckler isn't feeling the beat and decides not to dance towards home plate.

It's Sox v Yanks (again) and the Sox have won (again) could we have a different script please?

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