Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The mystery of the Bean, Yankees keep getting older.

I am not your avid Minor Leaguer watcher but I do like to keep up to date with stats and how the prospects are doing down on the farm. I lurk on the NYY Newsgroup and look forward to Tom K's Minor League updates, one player who has often been cause of much debate is Colter Bean, he was finally brought up a few days ago but has now been DFA'ed by the Yankees although they had no need to.

He had options left and there was room on the 40-man roster, so why o why did they let this kid go? I have to admit I don't know too much about him, what I do know is he throws junk but consistently gets people out. I also know that five innings in the bigs isn't enough to gauge whether or not he's good enough to stick around with the Yankees. I also know that the Red Sox thought he was worth a shot in the Rule V draft. Finally I also know that he is better than Scott Erickson.

This kid hasn't been treated terribly well by the Yankees and I for one hope he is picked up and does a decent job somewhere. There is little doubt that he is better than some of the scrubs littering bullpen's all over the league. What I am starting to get concerned about is the way the Yankees are going, signing Terrence Long and starting him over Melky Cabrera, calling up Erickson, possibly calling up Ramiro Mendoza tonight to replace Kevin Reese on the 25 man, I thought Cashman vowed this team would be getting younger. I'm not seeing much of a sign of this recently.

I know the team has been pretty beat up by injuries but why not give some of the guys in the farm a chance instead of playing guys not wanted by Kansas City ffs. Where is Rickey Henderson these days?

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