Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Will the real Randy please stand up, please stand up?

Randy Johnson looked unhappy, he failed to raise a smile all afternoon, glared at the home plate umpire when he failed to call a couple of close pitches on the inside corner, but most importantly he pitched like the Randy Johnson of old. He no hit the Tigers through 5 2/3 before being lifted in the 7th having given up two hits.

Now my first reaction towards this was I was fast asleep and dreaming but then my logical part of the brain came to the fore and I remembered something Bobby and Kenny were saying doing the call for YES. The enjoyable duo were discussing about how it had the chance to be the warmest Memorial Day in Michigan since records began. Last season we saw time after time that Randy was a much better pitcher in warmer weather and once the sun came out on a beautiful day at Comerica Park Randy looked filthy.

Whether he's pitching to Jorge Posada (who I was delighted to see back in the line-up last night) or Kelly Stinnett, I think it is not of big importance. I put forward that the weather is the biggest thing to Randy Johnson, whether it's a conscious thing or not, he seems to have better command of both the fastball and the slider when the sun is blazing.

The Yankees scored four runs and that was plenty as the Tigers were two-hit. Damon hit an RBI up the middle, Jeter beat out a potential double play ball to plate a run, both in the third. In the fifth A-Rod and Posada chased home Gary Sheffield and Jason Giambi respectively and that was that as the Yankees played a neat game to record a good win against the team with the best record in the bigs.

All in all a good game, Posada looked fine, Jeter left early but is expected to play tonight. The Yankees captain has a sprained right hand but it doesn't look like anything major. It was nice to see Ron Villone pitch in an important spot and get outs, he has been the under utilized member of our 'pen all season long but he can get hitters out, and will if given the chance. When Dotel comes back we'll have four very competent setup men for Mariano which should ensure they don't get overworked.

Oh and the Sox lost...bonus!

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