Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wright blows heat, wind blows out, Yanks top Sox

My headlines are getting longer and longer.

Jaret Wright threw five scoreless innings yesterday to lift the Yankees to a 7-5 victory over the Sox in Fenway. The much maligned right hander gave up hits and baserunners but reared back showed a pretty nice 95 MPH riding fastball to get himself out of trouble. He was lifted after five after being hit in the first by a comebacker in the ribs, which was aggravated in the fifth prompting Gator and Torre to play it safe and pull him. A very nice effort though and my faith in him is slowly rising, just like the sea levels, but just a little bit slower.

Away from a good starting effort we saw a poor bp effort with Proctor, Myers and Farnsworth limping through 2 1/3 before Mo came in for a five out save to record the victory for the Bombers. I am getting concerned about Proctor's workload and noticed his fb wasn't as fast and nor did he have as much control over it as he had done previously this season. His curve looked nasty and after making Manny look foolish on two straight curves, he threw a fb down and over the plate and Manny hit the tar out of before jogging and showboating around the bases like he'd won the World Series or hit one off the moon.

The Sox never gave in and five times the tying run was standing at home plate but it wasn't to be. The Yankees offense came from the top of the order, Damon wrapped one round the pesky pole leading off the game, Jeter had a 2 RBI single and A-Rod hit a three shot shot and also crossed the plate on a strike out/wild pitch allowing him to reach first, he took second on a wild pitch, third on a fielders choice and scored on, yep you guessed it, another wild pitch, not Doug Mirabelli's finest hour. It was a good job he threw that final wild pitch as T. Long was at the plate and promptly struck out on the next pitch.

Why is T. Long on the 25 man roster let alone starting? Please can someone tell me?

All in all it was a victory, Giambi sat giving him a much needed rest as he has looked a bit jaded. Sheffield returned from the DL and DH'ed going 0/3 with a walk, run scored and a stolen base. He looked like he was wielding a sword in battle the way he was swinging, a very good sign. Andy Phillips again impressed me, I'd like to see him given a chance to play every day as the 1B or DH as I think he's a better option than Bernie Williams in that spot at the moment.

Randy Johnson goes tonight for the Yankees, that'll be a Red Sox W then...

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