Saturday, July 22, 2006

I want to cheer you A-Rod I really do but...

...You make it so damned hard.

My old mucker Neil H blogged whilst I was far away in the land of nod, he said 'Neil M vented about E-Rod's play yesterday, and I think when he watches the condensed game later today, he won't be that happy with him again.'

Now lets see if he's right...

I watched the Condensed game this morning, and first of all, what an awful condensed game, not sure if someone at MLB does them or someone at the host broadcaster but it was the worst I've seen all year, far too many replays, not enough action. I want MLB to return to the former way of showing the final pitch of every AB, it makes for a longer condensed game but more enjoyable and you do not miss any action. Maybe they should do a short and a full condensed game, anyway I am going away from the A-Rod bit.

He hit his 2000th base hit and trotted around for his 450th Home Run, the younger ever to achieve the latter of the two stats. I have to say that is great achievement and I do really mean that, his hitting qualities are something I have never questioned, every player has slumps and I can deal with that, his fielding however I am struggling with (so is he) oh man I'm funny...

People are saying A-Rod is a SS and are therefore shifting the blame on NY bosses for not shifting Jeter to CF or blaming DJ himself for not offering to move. What crap. This is the third season of A-Rod at third base and whilst he didn't win a Gold Glove in 04 or 05, his defense was certainly good enough to have him in the discussion, so there is no real reason behind his almighty drop off in defense in 06 apart from the fact that it is a mental thing.

Bloggers like me don't help that is for sure, the NY media and ESPN probably help far less focusing on every little thing. Moose threw A-Rod under a bus on the post game on Thursday, Posada also didn't exactly defend his 3B. A lot of people have had a go at JoPo for not moving off the plate to take that throw from A-Rod but I think that is very harsh, it was an absolutely terrible throw and he would of had to react like a soccer goalie (I feel dirty for writing soccer but I am writing to a predominately American audience) and dived full stretch to his left to take in that throw and with his weight not shifted on to his left foot as he was expecting a straight throw home then I can't blame JoPo whatsoever.

I do feel for A-Rod, however he signed that contract (like every single one of us would) but with that around his neck, it makes it far easier for the Press and even for bloggers like me to shoot him down. I just don't know what to say anymore, A-Rod is the single most frustrating player since Lomano Lua-Lua and I bet none of you know who he is, but if you do then you'll know just how frustrating that is.


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At 2:11 pm, Blogger Stuart said...

Noooo, you can't call it soccer! lol American audience or not!

As for calling him as being as frustrating as Lua Lua...ohh what i'd give to see him celebrate his next home run Lua Lua STYLEE!

At 3:30 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

If A-Rod celebrates his next Walk Off HR Lua-Lua sytlee then I promise I'll never get on his back again!


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