Friday, September 01, 2006

One will do today

Remind me, how do these go again?

Well the David Wells in Boston era is over, as Boomer was traded to the Padres for a PTBNL or cash - the most often quoted PTBNL is catcher George Kottaras - a 23 year old prospect rated B+ by John Sickels in his pre-season review of the Padres farm system - that would seem a remarkable return for a 43 year-old pitcher who has stated his desire to retire at the end of the season (though who would be surprised if he went one more year for a reasonable contract?), even if that prospect has struggled in a short stint at AAA this year.

However, at least one Padres fan is hoping that this is just East Coast smoke without a fire. Clearly a reasonably rated catcher would help the Sox after the strange catcher moves they have made in the last 18 months - the trade away of Mirabelli, the trade away of Shoppach and the acquisition of Bard, the trade away of Bard and the re-acquisition of Mirabelli, the acquisition of Lopez...

Given the Sox had to start Tavarez today as Wells was scratched, it almost seemed inevitable that Cy Young candidate Roy Halladay would lose to the Sox AAAa lineup - and how many people would have the winning hit coming off a 'HR' from the bat of Alex Cora? As I am still on the West Coast I didn't get the chance to see how Alex Rios helped us out, but if the Yahoo Gametracker described the hit as "deep right" that will do for me!

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