Saturday, September 02, 2006

Two is a winning streak

Well the Sox AAAa lineup ekes out another win behind a sterling effort by Kyle Snyder, but at what cost to the Red Sox today...

The most serious news clearly concerns Jon Lester - the link to the official press release is here, but it is difficult to grasp what this might mean to a 22 year old guy. I have an older friend who was diagnosed with exactly the same type of cancer, who was told by his doctor that if they had to have any kind of cancer, this was the 'best' to get - he is doing ok at his treatment progresses - but, for me anyway, cancer is still such a scary word.

When 'things' happen to baseball players it is sometimes difficult to separate the impact from the baseball impact... but twice in the space of the week, first with Ortiz and now with Lester, you have to say who cares about the baseball impact, just get well guys.

(For more information, Feeding the Monster has a link to a factsheet on the particular cancer)

The pitch after making a throwing error to put runners on 2nd and 3rd with 1 out, Jonathan Papelbon clutched at his upper right (throwing) shoulder. You have to hope this is a muscle issue rather than a more serious problem in his arm, but given the way this season is going, does anyone really want to make that bet tonight?


Something lighter to finish off tonight's post - anyone visiting the States has to look at the W Hotels chain as their first choice - and when I say anyone, I mean anyone who has a hankering for baseball - but you can easily make the argument to your partner that you just want to stay at a 'hip' hotel chain.

I was looking at the services menu on the flat screen, HD TV when up pops an ad for... MLB Extra Innings package - $6.95 for the night. So I was able to watch the end of the Sox game, am watching to see whether the Mets can make the late lead stand up in Houston and will switch over to the Dodgers or Athletics when this game is done! A pleasant way to finish off my vacation.

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