Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Democracy is dead, long live democracy

Well it turns out, the Red Sox front office didn't listen to these guys after all - the JD Drew deal is apparently done, though with seemingly little fanfare.

What is more worrying in this story is the quote from Boras regarding the Dice-K negotiations:
"Matsuzaka has a dream of pitching in the major leagues. And he's going to fulfill that dream," Boras said. "The timeframe of it, I can't exactly predict. But he knows his skill level is one where he's going to be a major leaguer someday."

Boras also questioned the fairness of a system that could allow Seibu to get more money than Matsuzaka.

"The elephant in the room always is the principle of allocation," he said. "[That's] something that we don't normally have to deal with. We're all trying to create the saddle to ride the elephant, so we'll see."

The earlier version of the story included a line that quoted Boras saying that the '3 parties would need to compromise' to reach a deal - given that MLB have already said this is not permissable, it does seem that a significant spanner exists. The comment about the fairness of the situation where Seibu receive more than Matsuzaka is presumably what Boras was alluding to in the earlier quote.

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