Monday, April 04, 2005

7th inning

Well the Jays weren't exactly a great hitting team even with Delgado - cleary he was a very specific threat, but given the lack of quality in that lineup, you always felt you could pitch around him. Without him, the Jays will struggle to score regularly.

BOS: R: 0 H: 0 E: 0
NYY: R: 0 H: 1 E: 0

Score: BOS 1, NYY 6

Worcester Native Tanyon Sturtze - I have now heard that phrase so often, I really do think his parents named him Worcester - is in from the bullpen - a nice first outing from RJ. Not overpowering in traditional RJ way, but very effective. And as with RJ, Sturtze gets a quick 1, 2, 3 highlighted by a nice diving stop by defensive replacement Tino Martinez.

and then in comes ... the man with the biggest ears, and slowest rendition, of God Bless America in the world - Ronan Tynan - can't the Yankees find an American to sing GBA? (and no that isn't this innings question)

Timlin is in - Williams is down on K's, a base hit by Womack on another strange play by Renteria - a long overthrow - and then takes second on an effectively uncontested steal. Jeter grounds out to third, holding Womack, and A-Rod pops up to right to finish the inning.

Well as the 8th may be your last post of the night - unless you want a bonus post to comment on the win - give me your Divisional MVP, Cy Young and surprise player?

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