Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pave the way to October

If Carl Pavano pitches like he did through the first five innings of the Yankees game with the BoSox tonight then everyone will agree it was money well spent. Unlike Mr Hay, I was not at Yankee Stadium, instead in front of my PC 3,500 odd miles away watching the game on NESN. Game time came around and everyone who never talks to me on MSN decided today was the day to catch up, no fewer than six conversations opened up within thirty minutes of the first pitch, not easy to talk and catch every pitch I can tell you!

As for the actual game, Pavano's split looked very good and Manny looked like he didn't care at the plate. The Yanks got their early runs thanks to a Sheffield RBI groundout scoring Jeter and a two-run shot by Matsui. The Sox chipped away with Ortiz going deep and Stanton allowing an inherited runner to score again (He did it all year for the Mets in 2004). Mariano blew the save allowing Varitek to go deep but Keith Foulke would give it straight back. Derek Jeter hit a 3-2 fastball to RF and it sailed out of the park.

I wrote about the Yankee hitters getting hit more than Red Sox ones in their games between each other this year, and so far it's 4-0 as Giambi got plunked today (to go with his two yesterday) as did Jeter on a fastball that tailed in on the Yankee captain.

Matsui is now 6/9 this season with 2HR and 5 RBI. My early season favourite for MVP and I know Neil is getting annoyed by my constant MVP talk surrounding Matsui but he just looks so locked in at the plate. He seems to know what he wants to do in each at-bat and furthermore he seems to know what the pitcher is going to throw, which is always an added bonus for sure.

Mariano blowing the save is a worry as at 3-3 Johnny Damon hit a deep fly ball to RF which was hauled in right at the wall by Sheffield. The lefties seem to be waiting on that cutter and Mariano and Jorge have to either back them off the plate or throw more four-seem fastballs away from the hitters otherwise this could be a real problem for the Yanks.

All in all though, a win is a win and with that result the Yankees go 2-0. Mussina and Wakefield next up at the stadium, should be a good 'un.

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