Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Game 2 at the Stadium

Today was my first game of the season - I was at the Stadium to see the Yankees beat the Red Sox on Jeter's 9th inning HR - it is fair to say that just as Jeter walked off, so did I.

What were my impressions of the game - both teams still look a little rusty - the Yankees left a lot of men on base, and the Sox seem to have spent Spring Training working on how to turn the double play... from an offensive perspective, and can I just say, they are getting pretty good at it! From a pitching perspective, Pavano looked excellent early, but seemed to go off quickly, while Clement seemed to have nice stuff, but got a bit down on himself after the Jeter HBP, followed by the Renteria error.

Of more note, I keep track of each game I go to - result, venue, pitchers of record, HR's and any other notable event - and today was my 50th game in the majors, and the first Yankee victory over the Sox in 6 attempts - I guess the streak had to end at some point.

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