Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Urgh...damn baseball

I can't even read the site at the moment, I wonder if it's a problem with my computer or if blogspot is down. However let me tell you about last night...

I was having one of those evenings and was very tired. Flash had shut down the Rays in the 8th and I saw the Red Sox were behind, fantastic. I think proceeded to fall asleep and woke up being 4.5 games back instead of 2.5, what the hell happened?

Well Ortiz had once again helped my fantasy team and the Yanks had blown it. Annoying thing to wake up to but in response to Neil H wondering what I thought of Mo, he always has this one or two weeks hittable stretch every year so I'm not that worried at the moment. The worst part was we had the bases juiced with nobody out in the 2nd and failed to plate what would've been the winning run. Also Tino got a stinker of a call at the plate but *shrug* it happens both ways.

Will these Yanks make the play-offs? I'd say it's 60/40 against as it stands.

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