Saturday, August 20, 2005

A win a 1.03am would have been nicer

If I could be commissioner for a day, or maybe Presidential power would be better, I would abolish all time zones except ET... sorry everyone living west of say... Cleveland, but us right coasters don't need to watch our teams blow leads at 1.03am.

An excellent performance tonight from Matt Clement, who, as Fox Sports LAAAAAA were keen to repeat, has the highest ERA of any starter in the AL post the All Star Break (8+ ERA - ouch). While he didn't get the result, he looked far more controlled on the mound tonight, with a more deliberate and slower approach than I can remember in his previous starts.

And as I have consistently said, this Curt Schilling as closer experiment is working a treat... well tonight anyway. The FSN guys are now talking about the reputation calls that Schilling got tonight, particularly in the bottom of the 10th, and if that is the case, at least his pitches were around the zone. The home plate umpire was too inconsistent for everyone's taste tonight - there were a large number of hitters that walked away shaking their heads at some of the calls - culminating in Ortiz being thrown out in the 8th for arguing the called strike 3 that looked to these eyes, off the plate.

Manny's at bat in the top of the 10th was a good example - the actual pitch sequence looked like ball, ball, ball, ball, rbi groundout, but was called, ball, strike, strike, ball, rbi groundout - if someone could provide GPS co-ordinates of the first two pitches, I would love to know how the ump distinguished the difference in location...

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