Tuesday, November 08, 2005

3,079 Miles... does the Free Agents - Part I

So here we are, no baseball until the weather starts getting better and the nights stop getting earlier. Neil H and I will over the next three days discuss the top 15 Free Agents according to mlb.com. Tonight we’ll see the top FA SP, a dodgy armed CF, a live wire of an arm, and two of the real big question marks of the off season, one as he deserves a big contract but it is hard to see where he’ll fit and the other whose stock has dropped so far his career is in serious trouble.

So here goes…

NYN says:
First up is argubly the best FA SP on the market, sub .500 AJ Burnett, where will he pop up next?

RSN says:
My guess here is... I really don't know! The Blue Jays interest is intriguing as with the (claimed) increased payroll, he would be a nice fit behind Halladay, and ahead of the young arms that the Jays have. I can't see the Yanks or Red Sox (though the Sox probably have more interest of the two) getting seriously involved - the Yanks because they were burned by Pavano, the Sox because I can't see them overpaying with the arms coming up through the system. One other intriguing option - the Mariners... with the revenues they have, and the apparent failure of the offense splurge next year, perhaps this year is the pitching splurge?

RSN says:
Next up JD - Damon in pinstripes?

NYN says:
No chance, The Yankees will only be in the market for Damon if they are trying to drive up the price, the Yankees interest in Damon is not real. The Yankees are looking at either Milton Bradley, Jeremy Reed or Ichiro, yes Ichiro to play CF in THTRB. As for Damon, the logical place is to stay in Boston, why would he leave? Varitek stayed last year and I expect Damon to follow suit. Going back to AJ for the record I have him in Toronto, the next on our list is Kyle Farnsworth, terrific arm but I wouldn't trust him in the 9th, who will?

RSN says:
I think the Orioles - he has the experience of working with Mazzone, seems an easy and logical choice for him when BJ moves on... And given we are debating West Wing style... Yankees... Ichiro.... what on earth do the Yankees have that the Mariners would take back for the face of their franchise.... and the Yankees need to be careful they don't end up with Damon. Ok next up, the premier SS on the market Noma... Rafael Furcal - does Furcal end Nomar's hopes of staying in Chicago?

NYN says:
Furcal is a real interesting one as Kansas City have expressed a serious interest in him, and are willing to sign him to a big time deal, what on Earth is going on with that? He said he's play 2nd if the right situation came about, i.e. the Yanks or BoSox but I see neither being interested unless the Yanks move Cano. I'm honestly not sure where he'll end up, think he'll go under the radar and sign for a team that isn't exactly top notch, possible the Tigers.

NYN says:
Your former SS is now a forlorn figure in Chicago, where will Nomar play on the field as well as in what city?

RSN says:
Well can Nomar's stock fall any further? From a 4 year, $15m offer by the Sox, rejected as insulting, to a one year deal to "re-establish" his value, to playing the last third of the season at 3b... I am still incredulous to the fact that of the big 3, only one is still a leading SS... as for Nomar, I guess another one year deal, if he has any sense he has to try and get a SS gig somewhere. He need to find a team that doesn't have a true sabermetrics GM, and who is willing to trade potential upside against the limitless downside of a $6m+ player on the DL for the majority of the season. Lets pull the mariners out of the FA hat again... I just don't see where he fits next year - do the Royals make him the leader of their team... but he has always been unwilling to fill that role...

So, after all that, our, come back and roast us when we are both 0/5, guesses are;


Neil M

Neil H


Blue Jays



Red Sox




Blue Jays







Next up boys and girls we’ll talk about the best hitter on the market and the guy with the lowest ERA out of the starters on the list, just how isn’t Clemens on this list?

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