Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Defending Bill Simmons and Red Sox Nation

The world clearly has ended... sometime on my train trip, or perhaps when I was sitting in my thrilling class on Bankruptcy and Reorganization...

A Yankee fan decided to take two cheap shots at our beloved Sox... one a shot at Lowell's contract ignores the reality of the "Beckett and" part of the Beckett and Lowell trade (and you will note, still no post from me on the subject... still waiting)... while the second... well the second really is too much to bear...

A Yankee fan, telling Sox fans how we should feel about Roger Clemens... seriously... I am almost speechless... almost.

Where to start - "Whilst he was a fine pitcher during his days with the Boston club, he became great during his time in Toronto, New York and Houston" - I don't think I have ever read something so (baseball) shockingly wrong since... I am genuinely struggling here, how can someone claim to be a Clemens fan, and make such a statement?

But Simmons distaste for Clemens has nothing to do with his decision to leave Boston, or the fact that an argument can be made that he posted it in, in his last 4 years (he didn't), or that he forced an "illegal" trade from Toronto to New York... but it is all set out here, here and oh here.

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