Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Crazy crazy story #1 - Nomar for CF

Well although talking about Ichiro for CF may be a long shot, it is actually not beyond the realms of possibility. Today the voice and face of the YES network, Michael Kay made his thoughts known on who would be Bernie's replacement in CF in the big ballpark in the Bronx.


Yes that's right, Nomar 'I can't be arsed to play' Garciaparra.

The Nomar Garciaparra who has done nothing in two years. The Nomar Garciaparra who has never played in the Outfield in his career. The Nomar Garciaparra whom the Sox fans lost their love-in with when he said he was injured and didn't want to play in the final game of that great Yankees/Sox series in New York in June/July 2004. The games where Sheff fouled off eight straight 0-2 inside fastballs before lining one inside of third for the go-ahead run. The games where Jeter dived into the stands, the games where A-Rod thought he'd started a triple play but you can't get the same runner out twice. The games where Jorge took Pedro into the upper deck after not going deep in a month, the Flaherty walk off ground-rule single, the games where Felix Heredia (remember him?) got out of a bases-loaded nobody out jam ffs, this was a great series and Nomar didn't fancy it.

I don't want any part of this, I don't like players who won't go out there and give it a shot even if not 100%. If a manager decides you are better off sitting then fair do's but Nomar made himself unavailable for this game, it isn't something you should do. Even if you wouldn't mind Nomar, Nomar for CF? We need to actually get better defensively, not worse.

Still it was only Michael Kay who brought it up, I think I can take this with a giant North Sea sized spoon of salt.

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