Sunday, April 09, 2006

Small ball? My big fat hairy yellow butt

Well in all honesty my butt isn't yellow, nor is it big, hairy, well one out of three isn't bad but before the season we all read and heard about how the Yankees were going to be a small ball team. Well five games into the season and I have to say that sounds like a load of old codswallop.

Ervin Santana yet again stifled the Bombers last night but when you look at the score and see both Yankee runs came off solo home runs then it doesn't exactly scream small ball, it doesn't even scream money ball, it just screams shoddy.

A 97 pitch complete game by Randy Johnson was wasted as the Yanks, who many experts thought could score 1,000 runs this year again failed to plate enough, and after that excellent first day performance against the A's, it is ten runs in four games, and let's be honest, that isn't going to win us many games this season.

I wrote on a forum yesterday that the Yankees have some intelligent hitter, it's just they all have concussion at the moment. Everyone seems to be swinging for the fences and hitting that five run homer with nobody on base. Not good in any way, shape or form.

At least tonight we get to see a game at a reasonable hour, 1-5 would be a disaster, where as 2-4 would just be awful.

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