Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rocket blazes again...or does he?

In one of the biggest shocks the sporting world has ever seen, Raymond Van Barneveld was totally owned by his fellow countryman Roland Scholten in the semi-finals of the Darts Premier League on Monday night. In slightly less surprising news, Newsday are reporting that Roger Clemens has inked a deal worth $3.5m per month for the rest of the season.

Both the Yankees and the Red Sox were very interested in bringing the Rocket back for second spells with their respective franchises, but it seems as though neither have been able to tempt Roger away from home, and another chance to pitch in front of his home town fans and play the game he loves as well as be a full-time father to his kids and be a full-time husband to his wife.

I have never made any quarms about my love and respect for the seven time Cy Young award winner and cast iron first ballot Hall of Famer. If the Yankees had been able to bring him back then they would've straight away become favourites for the AL spot in the World Series in my opinion. If the Red Sox had done the deed then they'd of also become the favourites in my eyes for hosting games in the final week of October.

Clemens is a genuine ace, and to get one for just money (Yes I know it's a bucketload of dosh) but just money and not losing any prospects, then it is a deal anyone would make. I wish the Rocket all the best and will once again look forward to watching one of the greatest of all time show even more fans a good time.

Still would've loved to see him pitch in the Pinstripes though, oh well, there's always next year...

UPDATE: According to Roger's agents, the situation is at it was and no deal has been signed. However I feel that Newsday wouldn't run the story unless they were pretty sure. The denial is on ESPN's website

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At 12:17 am, Blogger Stuart said...

Wasn't RJ also a "genuine ace".......

....the big man should hang em up before he follows RJ into a sorry decline.


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