Saturday, June 10, 2006

Fox Saturday Farce

My good friend and colleague Neil H has had a busy week, but he's now back home just outside NY and looking forward to seeing highly touted Sox prospect Jon Lester make his big league debut in the double header. However there is one minor problem, despite spending hundreds of dollars on his sporting networks, he won't actually be able to watch this game because of the blackout restrictions.

He isn't amused.

Now the really stupid thing is, here I am sitting in my room overlooking the North Sea, and come 6:20 local time, I'll be able to watch the Red Sox and Rangers should I so desire as I'm outside the blackout restriction zone (by a few thousand miles) but isn't it just one big and extremely unfunny joke?

You should be able to watch your team each and every game if you pay for the package. Why should baseball fans be forced to watch certain games when others are available? MLB really needs to sort this out because it sucks plain and simple and although I'm not effected, plenty of people are.

Sort it out Bud.

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