Saturday, June 03, 2006

on the road again

Well Neil M has had to carry the load this week as I live the life of a British baseball fan - and this week has been very tough, staying in hotels that either offer very poor, or non-existant internet service. Although when my friends back in NY see the tan that I have from a week on the Scottish links, they are going to think I was elsewhere!

It really is back to the 'good' old days for me again - watching as much of the Sox game as I can (although NESN on NASN last night was quite cool!) online before sleep takes over, then waking up and your brain kicking in with the 'what is the quickest way to find out the Sox score' imperative!

So I haven't seen Clement stink, I don't know why Beckett was allowed to give up bomb after bomb, it took me days to find out about our DL visitors and I haven't seen our AA pitcher who stopped (in a fashion) the Blue Jays sweep.

And the famine isn't over yet, my travels take me to the south, then the deep south... Spain... before heading back to NY, and straight to the Stadium on Friday night - to see whatever collection of fit bodies the Yankees are able to turn out that night against the Athletics... hopefully looking ofr their first win in 5 games...

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