Saturday, June 10, 2006

Things I missed

Well the Sox fell out of first place while I was away, and I can only apologize. Some things that I missed while I was away...
  • Curt's 200th win against the Devil Rays, and his 201st against the Yankees. I know that Curt has come out early and stated that next year will be his last, but you have to hope that his desire to pitch to his son (current age 11...) will see him agree to continue in a Sox uniform until we are anticipating his 300th win.
  • David Ortiz's line falling to .256 / .359 / .902 - that really isn't a 'Ortizesque' line... and the good news is, we can all look forward to him hitting .350 / .450 / 1.050 for a few weeks as he gets back to a more usual line sometime soon.
  • Neil M batting clean-up for the Yankees in Tuesday nights' Yankee win - seriously, this Yankee team is falling apart at quite a rate, but still putting up wins at quite a rate. When the pre-season reviews were being put together, the question that was rarely asked (or underplayed when it was asked) about the Yankees, was the injury risk. The current Yankee predicament reminds me a little bit of the Bichette / Lansing / Stynes Red Sox in 2000, when the Sox were without a number of regulars for an extended period, yet remained in the hunt - leading Sox fans (and players) to think about how much better things would be when the regulars returned... except it never worked out that way. When the regulars did come back they weren't really ready, and the reserves were unable to continue playing above themselves... not that I am saying that a team with Cabrera, Cairo, Phillips and Williams as regulars playing at a .700 clip is playing above itself, but...
  • Roger Clemens deciding to re-sign with the Astros, but admitting that it was between the Astros and the Sox to the end. If the Astros fall out of the NL Central by July 31, does Roger still end his career in a Sox uniform?
Most importantly...
  • My May season review - I will post that in the next day or so

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Welcome back, just in time to see Papelbon blow his first save. FYI I posted my first 1/3 season reveiw the other day. I put in a lot of stats etc. You can see it at href =""


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